Il Lazzarone Pizzeria – Authentic Neapolitan Pizza in Kansas City & St Joseph, Missouri

Our Authentic Neapolitan Pizzas


We do pizza the old way. Pizza was born in Naples Italy in the 1600's; we are part of a very small culture that upholds those exact traditional methods of baking.

Our Philosophy

At il Lazzarone we are serious about pizza and the traditions that founded what has become nothing but a glimpse of the truth that once existed. We look forward to serving you."Come to the Table"


Our Neapolitan style pizza features the freshest and most pure ingredients, quality ingredients.Our dough is some of the rarest and most traditional in the world, made with only four ingredients: yeast, flour, water, and salt. Once the dough has been mixed, it is left to naturally leaven and then shaped by hand.Our San Marzano tomatoes are grown at the base of Mount Vesuvius.


Our Acunto ovens are handmade with soil from the base of Mount Vesuvius by a family of fourth generation artisans. They are wood-fired and imported from Naples. Traditional law states a pizza must cook in less than 90 second to produce the signature leoparizing of the crust; we typically do it in less than 60, producing a lightly charred crust and soupy middle. Our ovens fire at an average temperature of 1000ºF (537ºC).