Bartender’s Notebook: Il Lazzarone’s Laura Wagner and Andrew Iwersen are in love — with amari

by The Pitch on November 11, 2015

Laura Wagner and Andrew Iwersen, Il Lazzarone’s recently appointed bar manager and beer director, respectively, are dwarfed by the City Market restaurant’s mammoth bar. They stand behind its vast marble slab, in front of shelves of liquor that reach toward the restaurant’s high ceiling. The décor here — bright-red barstools, artfully distressed wood — feels […]

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Best Pizza – Il Lazzarone

by The Pitch on October 15, 2015

Critics’ Choice We once ate some kind of triple-secret-certified Neapolitan-style pizza in New York City, at a tiny but much lauded venue that had been written up just about everywhere in that metropolis (and beyond). The owner, by all accounts a hotheaded narcissist but something of a visionary, had written not so much a menu […]

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Best Instant Neighborhood Classic – Il Lazzarone

by The Pitch on

Critics’ Choice Since Erik Borger opened the second location of his seriously Neapolitan pizzeria in the City Market, he has been waiting for the wood-fired pizza he serves KC to be endorsed by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana. (Borger’s St. Joseph original already has the nod.) As we went to press, the newer of his […]

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Il Lazzarone’s Erik Borger adds new pizzas, cuts prices — and preps ramen restaurant

by The Pitch on September 11, 2015

Erik Borger, owner of the seven-month-old Il Lazzarone pizzeria at 412 Delaware in the River Market, says he’s obsessed with perfection. That means he’s constantly juggling a lot of ideas and projects, including revamping his Il Lazzarone menu and signing a lease on the former Open Fire Wood Burning Pizza location at 3951 Broadway. There, […]

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Dining Guide: 25 KC restaurants to savor this summer

by Ink Magazine “Top 25 KC” on May 27, 2015

For me, summertime in Kansas City is all about the food. When the weather warms, I go into exploration mode. My mission: discover a new favorite brunch, sandwich, smokehouse, taco stand, pizza, cocktail or ice cream flavor. As someone who writes about food for a living, I’m always on the lookout for hot dining trends […]

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