St. Joseph pizzeria opening in River Market

by Kansas City Star on December 15, 2014

Erik Borger first scouted River Market spots in 2009, hoping to open an upscale pizza operation there to serve the tight-knit community. He liked a space at 412A Delaware in particular but lost out when another tenant quickly leased it. This year, Borger opened il Lazzarone Neapolitan Pizzeria in St. Joseph, in a former radiator […]

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il Lazzarone to open location in Kansas City

by Newspress on December 09, 2014

Erik Borger brought a little piece of Naples, Italy, to St. Joseph and is now heading to Kansas City. His pizzeria il Lazzarone will have a second location at 412 A Delaware St., in the Kansas City River Market. The eatery is expected to open by March.

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Il Lazzarone Pizza in St. Joseph to open River Market location

by The Pitch on December 08, 2014

UPDATE: Erik Borger, owner and operator of the seven-month-old Il Lazzarone pizzeria at 1628 Frederick in St. Joseph, signed the lease today for 412 Delaware, in the River Market. He says he’ll start construction as early as tomorrow, turning the 3,100-square-foot space into the second location of his Neapolitan pizza restaurant. Borger is hoping to […]

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Food Critics: The Best Restaurants Within 250 Miles Of Kansas City

by Kcur “Best Restaurants” on November 21, 2014

With holiday vacation days in sight, many will be leaving the Kansas City area to go visit loved ones. Instead of just eating gas station burritos that look like they’ve been irradiated, why not stop for something a little more refined? This week on Central Standard, food critics Mary Bloch, Charles Ferruzza and Cat Neville […]

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Bum a ride to St. Joseph and try Il Lazzarone’s officially sanctioned Neapolitan pizza

by The Pitch on November 05, 2014

In Italy, a lazzarone is a scrounger, a bit of a bum. In St. Joseph, though, a lazzarone just might get some respect. Or, anyway, a great pizza. “In Naples,” says Erik Borger, a former competitive bodybuilder who this year opened a pizzeria called Il Lazzarone in the Missouri city, “a lazzarone might only work […]

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